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Copyright FAQ

Are there any copyrights on the pictures?

We have carefully selected the pictures and have good reason to believe that due to the age of the pictures no copyrights exist any longer. However, if there is any evidence that rights might be still valid in a certain individual case, then we would remove the concerned picture(s) immediately upon notification. [please send an informal mail to ]

May I use the pictures for my own website or publication?

There are no objections from our side, in case you want to use up to a maximum of five pictures on any website or publication. By using the pictures, the user agrees that the owners of this site do not guarantee, that there are no more copyrights on the selected pictures. If you use any pictures on a website, please include a link to http://portrait.kaar.at. You might also want to use one of our logos.

May I upload pictures to public picture databases
(i.e. commons.wikimedia.org) ?

No. Over time more and more pictures would appear on these sites thus copying significant parts of the collection. Note that the collection itself is protected by copyright laws, even if all contained images are in the public domain.

Are there any public domain pictures?

Some sections contain pictures of the public domain and may be reproduced anyway, somtimes a reference "courtesy of ..." is necessary. These sections are currently: History of the USA (Library of Congress, Washington), International Politics (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Economists (The Warren J. Samuels Portrait Collection at Duke University)

Are there any other Copyrights?

There are copyrights on the collection, the processing, the presentation and the webpages:
(C) 2005–2013 Marcus Kaar, Marianneng. 15, A-1090 Wien, Austria, Europe

Anything else?

This copyright FAQ is a translation of a German text. In case there are differences between the English and German version, the German version is valid.

In case of a hassle: The place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria.

Even more?

Don't worry, be happy.